Medical care without distance.

The world of medicine is developing at a remarkable pace. The sophistication of treatment, as well as technological evolution, requires more expertise in the medical field. Doctors can share their knowledge and experience with each other and learn from each other wherever they are. By connecting the resources from various enterprises with the doctors’ needs, it allows them to access new information at any time. We support doctors' learning by creating a platform and opportunities that are not limited by time, distance, or position.
In addition, there are issues facing the medical field such as the shortage of doctors, uneven distribution of doctors by region, and changes in work styles, which are becoming increasingly severe. By connecting doctors who are far away from one another, the same standards of care can be provided anywhere. To reduce the burden on doctors and medical professionals, we also strive to minimize the irrationality in the medical field. We provide the means and technologies to achieve these goals and support doctors and medical professionals in confronting medical challenges.
We are committed to helping doctors and medical professionals achieve their goal of "better medical care" with ICT, based on the idea of “Medical care without distance”.