Redefining a new medical economy by a driving force which connects the knowledge of doctors

No matter where we live, no matter what life we live, everyone wishes to "cure the diseases of someone important". Similarly, for medical and health care specialists in whatever circumstances they are, a sense of mission to save human lives in front of them must be their driving force.

However, the medical economy is now giving priority to "selling many medicines and medical devices that support such medical specialists". Even if what should be protected are human lives and health, the priority for the medical economy is the higher "number".

The ultimate purpose of medical treatment is "curing someone's illness." When a doctor confronts a human life before his/her eyes, there is no other purposes than to focus on curing. By connecting the deep knowledge of specialists struggling at the forefront rather than the logic of numbers, we want to create a new standard of naturally pursuing the value of medicine.

This purpose is the origin of our Heart Organization.

We built a platform that physicians all over the world can share and evaluate, by unifying their knowledge and expertise gained on their experience with the cloud.

Even if a disease is rare in the country, by accumulating cases around the world into this cloud, it will make it easier to form the hypotheses of the treatment and develop medicines and medical devices.
If leading-edge medical information gained by a specialist is shared here with doctors struggling in regional cities and developed countries, it will help eliminate medical care disparities in the world.

Why are doctors facing human lives before their eyes every day, even if there is a risk?
We will aim to create a new medical economy in which experts' expertise is the driving force.

Heart Organization Co., Ltd.

Heart Organization Co., Ltd.

Representative DirectorToshiko Sugawara

Corporate Information

Company Name
Heart Organization Co.,Ltd
January 5, 2004
Representative Director
Toshiko Sugawara
Board Directors
Tetsuya KaneuchiSatoshi Asahina
Shingo Tamura
Number of employees
Corporate Attorney
Michitoshi Mori(AXIS International Law Offices)
1.83 billion yen
Head Office
4F Shin-osaka Central Tower,5-5-15 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city, 532-0011, Japan
TEL.+81-6-4862-4488 FAX.+81-6-4862-4489
URL https://www.heartorg.co.jps


Head Office

JR Shin Osaka Station (5-minute walk from the main exit on the 1st floor in the direction of a bus stop in the south)



Founded Heart Organization in Osaka City

Organized the Secretariat and Administration Office of CCT (Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics)

rganized the Secretariat and Administration Office of KCJL
Organized the Administration Office of Challengers’ Live Demonstration

Founded Heart Organization Limited

Located the Headquarters in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture

Organized the Administration Office of CTO Club


Established the Osaka Office for the business expansion

Opened academic business (nurse seminar)


Organized the Administration Office of the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics (CVIT2011)

Reorganized as Heart Organization, Co., Ltd.


Opened website service business

Opened academic business (cardiac catheter test and treatment, nurse and co-medical trainings)


Opened the online meeting registration system for academic meetings and live demonstration courses, “Heartmeetings.com”

Opened the case discussion platform for doctors, “e-casebook.com”

Relocated the Headquarter in Suita City, Osaka-fu for the business expansion

Implemented third-party allocation of shares (Capital; 1.83 billion yen)

Relocated the Headquarters in Osaka City, Osaka-fu for the business expansion

Established Tokyo Office for the business expansion