Reduce Medical Disparities
by Connecting Doctors

We have created and are running a platform where doctors can share their knowledge,
experience and skills through cases that are really necessary to them.
By giving doctors around the world access to the information they need, wherever and whenever they are,
we increase treatment options and strives to tackle medical care disparities.


We aim to deliver
the optimal healthcare
to each and every person
who is in need.

Medical technologies, medical devices and medicines are created
'because they are vital for curing diseases'.
We believe that if we can create a place where medical professionals can search for and find what they really need in the medical field, and if that place can become a known platform, more of what is really needed to cure patients will be found and utilized.
To this end, we aim to create a new medical economy, where the knowledge of doctors is connected to each other.


  • Mission Driven

    When making a decision on the pros and cons of an action, the most important factor to consider is whether it will contribute to mission achievement.
  • Respect Others

    Reading between the lines, while being considerate of the situation and position of the other person.
  • Thinking from Action

    Once discussed, the next action is not to 'consider' but to set out concrete, actionable actions.
  • Patient First

    Above all, make choices with the best interests of the patient at the forefront.