Toshiko Sugawara


A world where optimal medical care reaches patients who really need it.

In a country I visited in my twenties, I witnessed for the first time the existence of a 'poor country'. In the taxi from the airport to the hotel, every time the car stopped at a traffic light, a crowd of begging children would come swarming the taxi. I remember that scene as if it were only yesterday, and at the same time I felt scared and thought that this was the reality of the world.

Later, through my work in pharmaceutical marketing, I realized many times that there are 'limits to medicine under capitalism'. Drugs that are not marketable are rarely developed, even if there is a need for them as medicines. There are diseases specific to developing countries, such as black fever and malaria, which could not be saved from death unless medicines were available. It was around that time that I started thinking about the challenges facing society and the healthcare industry. For the same reason, medicines, methods of treating diseases that do not require medical equipment and medical technology are also not shared among doctors due to the lack of efficient means of communication, and the patients who are in need are not properly attended to. We are aware that there are disparities in healthcare between rich and poor, between regions and in many other places.

Therefore, we are currently developing two services to ensure that the information exchange of doctors' skills and knowledge are not solely dependent on the healthcare industry, but are shared more quickly among and by the doctors themselves. By providing a system that allows doctors to learn from specialists around the world (specialist support platform e-casebook) and a system that allows doctors to consult with specialists remotely as needed in clinical practice (telemedicine support system Caseline), we strive to create a world where doctors can cooperate with specialists around the world to treat patients.

If there are issues in healthcare for which market mechanisms do not work, we strive to complement them with the power of ICT.
That is our challenge.


Company Name
Heart Organization Co., Ltd.
Head Office
4F Shin-osaka Central Tower,5-5-15 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku,
Osaka-city, 532-0011, Japan
TEL.+81-6-4862-4488 FAX.+81-6-4862-4489
Tokyo Office
fabbit Ginza, 7F Ginza 1-chome Building, 1-15-4 Ginza,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
January 5, 2004
Approx. 200 million yen (including capital reserve)
Representative Director / CEO
Toshiko Sugawara
Board Director
Tetsuya Kaneuchi
External Director
Tomoyuki Imaizumi
External Director
Yohei Takenaka
Yusuke Kono
Executive Officer
Takaki Kaimoto
Executive Officer
Yusuke Hatanaka
Corporate Attorney
Michitoshi Mori (S&W International Law Offices)


  1. Heart Organization founded in Osaka
  2. Launched convention management business
  1. Heart Organization Limited established
  2. Head office established in Toyohashi, Aichi
  1. Osaka office established for business expansion
  2. Launched academic business (nurse seminar)
  1. Reorganized as Heart Organization, Co., Ltd.
  1. Launched website service business
  2. Launched academic business (training for nurses and medical staff in cardiovascular catheterisation and treatment)
  1. Selected as a finalist in "2nd New Business Competition for Women Entrepreneurs" organized by Development Bank of Japan Inc.
  1. Launched "e-casebook", platform for technical support and case studies for doctors
  2. Relocated head office to Suita, Osaka for business expansion
  1. Implemented third-party allocation of shares (capital: 183 million yen)
  2. Relocated head office to Osaka city for business expansion
  1. Received Accelerator Award in OIH Seed Acceleration Program (OSAP) "3rd DemoDay"
  1. Launched "e-casebook FORUM", discussion platform for doctors
  1. Convention management business assigned; web services business became the primary focus
  2. Launched "e-casebook LIVE", live streaming platform for doctors
  4. Received Kansai Grand Prize in "SMALL GIANTS AWARD 2019-2020" organized by Forbes JAPAN
  5. Issued new shares to a third party (capital: 200 million yen *including capital reserve)
  1. Received 2019 Nikkei Excellent Products and Services Award, Excellence Award, Nikkei Business Daily Award
  2. Tokyo office established for business expansion
  3. Received bronze award in IAUD International Design Award 2020
  1. Launched medical device business "Caseline", telemedicine support system
  1. Selected for "Osaka Startup Growth Support School" organized by Osaka prefecture, Osaka city and Osaka head office of Japan Exchange Group, Inc.
  1. Received GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023